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  • Comunidades indígenas
    Latin America / Police Cooperation
    EL PAcCTO with the indigenous communities of Latin America

    It is estimated that in the Latin American region there are approximately 45 million people who self-identify as indigenous, native or Afro-descendant. According to National Geographic data, they are ...

    20 April 2021
  • Latin America / Cooperación
    Network of Prison Academies and the fight against crime

    EL PAcCTO has launched a new strategy to coordinate the Network of Prison Academies’ work between the European Union and Latin America. This article outlines how it works and what results it will ...

    25 March 2021
  • Trabajo en equipo Medidas Alternativas
    Latin America / Alternative measures to imprisonment
    Alternative measures to guarantee Human Rights

    EL PAcCTO is advocating the creation of Inter-institutional Technical Committees to coordinate the promotion and application of Alternative Means to Imprisonment in Latin America. Here are the keys ...

    22 March 2021
  • Medioambiente
    Europa and latin america / Environmental crimes
    EL PAcCTO supports wildlife protection

    World Wildlife Day is a time to focus on both the protection of biodiversity and the fight against corruption, which are vitally important to combating environmental crime.

    03 March 2021
  • Latin America / Gender issues
    What gender is organised crime?

    Organised crime was a man’s world for a long time, but more and more women are getting involved in criminal activities. Analysing why they join and their role within these groups can be helpful in ...

    24 February 2021