Paraguay / Cooperation between justice systems

EL PAcCTO and EUROsociAL+ programmes participated in the 27th General Assembly of the Ibero-American Public Prosecutors Association

13 November 2019
XXVII Asamblea General de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Ministerios Públicos (AIAMP)
XXVII Asamblea General de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Ministerios Públicos (AIAMP)

The AIAMP is a body that brings together Public Prosecutors from across Latin America. It was founded in the Federative Republic of Brazil in 1954, as the Inter-American Public Prosecutors Association; later, with the incorporation of Spain and Portugal, it was renamed the Ibero-American Public Prosecutors Association, AIAMP. At present, it is made up of 22 Public Ministries and/or Public Prosecutors from Latin America.

Its objectives include: Strengthening the links for reciprocal cooperation, solidarity and professional enrichment between the member Public Prosecutors; promoting the establishment of common strategies to address the fundamental problems concerning the institution, especially those relating to organised crime (drug trafficking, terrorism and human trafficking) and the treatment of victims and witnesses; and facilitating links and communication with Public Prosecutors that are not members of the Association, with a view to contributing to their institutional strengthening within their respective legal-political systems.

EL PAcCTO and EUROsociAL+ have signed two Collaboration Agreements with the AIAMP through the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), in order to establish and articulate a general framework for collaboration to promote the exchange of experiences, knowledge and good practices between Public Prosecutors in the European Union and Latin America, as well as between Public Prosecutors in Latin America.

The General Assembly, in its final conclusions document, recognises the importance of creating strategic alliances with international organisations and cooperation projects, such as the European Union and thanked the European Union in particular for its presence in the Assembly through the EUROsociAL and El PAcCTO programmes and for its support for the Association in the work aimed at the common objectives of promoting social peace and the fight against organised crime.

EL PAcCTO participation

EL PAcCTO has cooperated extensively with the AIAMP since its creation in 2017, both with its working networks and with the prosecutors that make up this organisation, and it has worked particularly intensely during 2019, always aiming to achieve practical results and looking to produce concrete results.

The programme’s regional action in relation to prosecutors has sought to develop activities involving issues that have AIAMP networks and working groups:

  • Illegal mining and environmental crimes with the Network against Illegal Mining.
  • Cybercrime, a matter that is the object of work by the Cybercrime Network, CiberRed.
  • Working group on ethical principles.

Likewise, and although other major activities have been undertaken, EL PAcCTO is carrying out work that will benefit the work of the Ibero-American Network of Specialised Prosecutors on Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants (REDTRAM) and the Ibero-American Anti-Drug Prosecutors Network. And all of them through the programme’s firm commitment to consolidating a regional model of joint investigation teams.

Notably, assistance has been provided for an aspect that should further consolidate the institutional character of the AIAMP, through the regulation of its networks and working groups, with the support of EL PAcCTO.

Participation by EUROsociAL+

One of the most strategic networks with which EUROsociAL has collaborated since its inception in 2005 is the Ibero-American Public Prosecutors Association (AIAMP). The Programme has contributed to this space for regional dialogue, accompanying multiple initiatives and strengthening it as a permanent mechanism for sharing problems, experiences and interests around a specific public policy, in relation to its design, reform or implementation.

Through the framework generated by the Collaboration Agreement, EUROsociAL+ collaborates with the AIAMP in three main lines:

– Review of the Santiago Guidelines for the Protection of Victims and Witnesses

– Support for the specialised Gender Network

– Support for the AIAMP Prosecutors Against Corruption Network

During the General Assembly in Paraguay a presentation was made describing the actions supported by the Programme and the results achieved to date.

The International Seminar “Combating Gender Violence” was held on 6 November, with the presence of important personalities and experts in the field of the fight against gender violence in different countries. Prominent among them was EUROsociAL+ expert Pilar Martín Nájera