Network sexually exploiting Paraguayan women in France dismantled - EL PAcCTO
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Network sexually exploiting Paraguayan women in France dismantled

24 November 2021

French and Paraguayan prosecutors and operational services have dismantled a network of criminals who exploited at least forty women living in slavery in France. The victims were all Paraguayans and they were lured through a social media account that offered them a tempting job in Europe, with people known to the women acting as intermediaries. EL PAcCTO has supported the initiative through the activities of the LYNX network.

In the week beginning 15 November, a French investigating judge and four investigators from OCRETH (Office Central de Répression de la Traite des Etres Humains) travelled to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay to carry out operations under the direction of the prosecution services and the Specialist Unit for Trafficking in Persons in the country.

19 people were arrested on both sides of the Atlantic, with €2,000 and $1,200 in cash seized in Paraguay along with a Toyota vehicle, two computers and other material that is currently being investigated