October 2021



Meeting to share intelligence regarding new cocaine trafficking routes in Latin America

Representatives of the police forces of 14 Latin American countries met to exchange good practices and essential information on the situation of cocaine trafficking between both regions


Latin America and Europe cooperate to fight drug trafficking

The security forces of the European Union and Latin America exchange experiences through the Executive Secretariat of AMERIPOL and the ‘Support to AMERIPOL’ project



EL PAcCTO helps Ecuador to devise an action plan to address the prison crisis

The EU programme travelled to Quito to meet the country’s authorities after the prison emergency last September


Regional seminar on location, identification and confiscation of assets from crime

The activity led to the countries reaching an agreement to step up cooperation and coordination between police and prosecutors



EL PAcCTO organises a meeting between the Eurojust Delegation and the Eurojust Contact Points of Latin American countries

Lima was the chosen venue of a meeting to improve international legal cooperation in Latin America


Latin America and Europe address the problem of cryptocurrencies, cybercrime and money laundering

The contact points of the Uniting Europe and Latin America against Money Laundering (UELLA) and Cibel@ police networks, as well as of the CiberRed and the Working Group against money laundering of the Ibero-American Association of Public Ministries (AIAMP) discussed identified specific cases and improved capacities in matters of cryptocurrencies and money laundering



14 Latin American countries and the European Union explore new working methods to tackle human trafficking

The workshop brings together police officers and prosecutors belonging to cooperation networks specialised in this type of crime. They are committed to creating Joint Investigation Teams to identify and save the victims


Launch of the Higher Technical Institute of Penitentiary Education and Training in Paraguay

The new institute will train senior technicians in prison management and will open the doors to those interested in working in the country’s prisons



The struggle against money laundering in Central America and the Caribbean

With the support of EL PAcCTO, several Central American and Caribbean countries have come together to address the problem of the crime of money laundering in the region


Representatives of prosecutors and police meet to strengthen work networks against environmental crime

Opening the event, the European Union’s Ambassador to Mexico, Gautier Mignot, reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to environmental security to “protect all of humanity”


Technologies and challenges of the Prison System

Thirteen countries in Latin America have expressed particular interest in technologies that make it possible to control the activities and communications of imprisoned persons


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08 November - 12 November

Annual Programme Meeting