March 2021



Latin American partners and Eurojust discuss establishing new contact points

Eurojust and Latin American countries have discussed expanding future cooperation by establishing contact points for judicial cross-border assistance.


The European Union and Latin America share experiences regarding coordination on the subject of alternative measures

Twelve Latin American countries participated in the remote meeting and more than one hundred people connected to learn about the work done by the Inter-institutional Technical Committees.



Exchange of experiences on the trafficking of vaccines and other COVID medicines

13 Latin American countries and almost 100 participants have shared information with Europol, Interpol, Ameripol and the Council of Europe through the Medicrime Agreement.


Strengthening relations between the judicial institutions in the EU and Latin America

The second meeting between Latin American and EU judicial institutions is scheduled for June in Lisbon. Until then, EL PAcCTO will hold several working meetings with the institutions in the two regions.



Ecuador’s Judicial Council and EL PAcCTO define the profile and selection of anti-corruption judges

The remote work session forms part of the process of implementing Specialised Judicial Units in the Fight against Corruption and Organised Crime.


Thirteen of Latin America’s most wanted fugitives arrested

Subject to INTERPOL Red Notices, the fugitives were wanted for serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping and violence against women.



Advice on the strengthening of penitentiary systems in Latin America

The Centre for Studies of Paraguay and INPE of Peru are supported by EL PAcCTO in the coordination of actions in terms of careers in the prison system and alternative measures to prison.


The ARCO Network in the fight against arms trafficking in Latin America

The Network promoted by EL PAcCTO seeks to develop coordination mechanisms with specific actions against arms trafficking.



How an Inter-institutional Technical Committee on Alternatives to Imprisonment is set up



EL PAcCTO Programme

Organised crime is not contaminated, it is contaminating

While the world is busy with the third wave of the pandemic and vaccination processes begin in various countries, organised crime businesses continue to flourish.

EL PAcCTO Team for cooperation between Prison Systems

Alternative measures to guarantee Human Rights

EL PAcCTO is advocating the creation of Inter-institutional Technical Committees to coordinate the promotion and application of Alternative Means to Imprisonment in Latin America. Here are the keys to this project and its success.

The Component for Cooperation among Justice Systems.

Network of Prison Academies and the fight against crime

EL PAcCTO has launched a new strategy to coordinate the Network of Prison Academies’ work between the European Union and Latin America. This article outlines how it works and what results it will have.


EL PAcCTO: conexiones entre la UE y América Latina



6 April

Creation of the human trafficking network


14 April

Webinar on animal abuse in Latin America


29 April

Presentation of the guide on penitentiary intelligence