June 2021



18 countries of the European Union and 14 from Latin America and the Caribbean have worked in alliances to tackle the new criminal threats

The meeting between representatives of the security, justice and prison system institutions of Latin America and the European Union was focused on strengthening the political dialogue on security, justice and prison issues.


Launch of the Team Europe regional initiative in the justice and security areas

The initiative responds to the common challenges of the two continents given the high rates of violence and crime, problems that affect Latin American society and have repercussions on security in the European Union.



A Shared Political Cycle of Justice between Latin America and the European Union to facilitate criminal justice Cooperation

The objectives of the Shared Political Cycle of Justice will be renewed every two years and a monitoring committee will be in charge of defining priorities and evaluating progress together with European Union institutions.


The international summit "On the Road to Institutionalization. United We Are Stronger" of AMERIPOL

Spain’s Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, inaugurated the meeting “The Path to Institutionalisation. United We Are Stronger” organised by Ameripol to draft the founding treaty of this police cooperation organisation in Latin America.


Agreement on Protection Measures for Women in Situations of Gender Violence in Mercosur and Associated States approved.

EL PAcCTO has supported and collaborated for the agreement to go forward. It represents a great step forward in the protection of women and the quality of democracy in Latin America.


New cycle of Justice shared between Latin America and the European Union



Giovanni Tartaglia
coordinator of the EL PAcCTO prison systems component

"Organized crime has been able to manage illicit activities such as drug trafficking inside prisons."

The italian magistrate Giovanni Tartaglia reflects on the need for coordination of three key European Union and Latin American programs (EL PAcCTO, COPOLAD and EUROFRONT) to address the problem of drug trafficking and organized crime.



Domain Forfeiture and Extended Confiscations: Towards Cross-System Recognition



11 July - 15 July

LYNX Network Webinar


24 July - 28 July

Jaguar Network Conference