June 2021



"Cybercrime in a gender perspective: what does it mean, how do we deal with it".

PAcCTO has organized an online meeting to identify good practices and lines of joint work between Latin America and the European Union.


Latin America and Europe work on a series of recommendations to make drug trafficking investigations more efficient

European Union cooperation programs have organized a seminar in Paraguay to establish synergies and common objectives in investigations.



What is the Mercosur and Associated States Women's Protection Order?


Alliances between Latin America and the European Union to face new criminal threats




Shared Justice Policy Cycle between the European Union and Latin America, what is it? what are the objectives?

A gender perspective

Giovanni Tartaglia
Coordinator of the Penitentiary Systems component of EL PAcCTO

The gender dimension in international initiatives

“Corruption also contributes to increased social inequality for women. Given their role as family caregivers, they are more dependent on public services, such as education and healthcare, and are sometimes victims of corrupt networks”


Study on anti-money laundering through cryptocurrencies


Guide to cryptocurrency money laundering investigations


Locating, identifying and recovering proceeds from crime