July 2020

Recognition by the European Union of EL PAcCTO's work during the Covid-19 crisis


What is the COVID channel?



Corruption in public procurement processes

During the health crisis, a large number of urgent purchases of medical equipment were made worldwide, some of which are now under investigation.


EL PAcCTO is committed to changing the relationships between institutions

11 Latin American countries want a change in the investigations of the most frequent crimes that were committed during the quarantine in Latin America.



Laying the foundations for the construction of a first version of IDEAL

EL PAcCTO has carried out the first virtual activity to define IDEAL, the instrument for evaluating the threat posed by organised crime in Latin America.


Expansion of REDCOPEN after its promising results

The Latin American prison cooperation network is made up of MERCOSUR countries and partners. Peru and Ecuador have expressed their interest in joining the network.



What is the COVID Chanel?