January 2021



Working meeting on mercury trafficking

EL PAcCTO has organised a working meeting on mercury trafficking. Specifically, on prosecution and the manner in which the mineral it dealt with in criminal investigations in Latin America. The prosecutor’s offices that form part of the Environmental Protection Network of the Ibero-American Association of Public Prosecutors (AIAMP) and the prosecutor’s offices of the region that collaborate with EL PAcCTO came together for a meeting.


New tax unit specialised in cybercrime

The Public Ministry of the Nation of Peru has started the year by launching a new tax unit specialised in cybercrime. This is a great step forward because expertise and specialisation are the most efficient ways to fight organised crime. The approach also addresses a complex issue that affects all types of crime.EL PAcCTO has supported the creation of the unit by appointing experts from the prosecutors in Chile, Spain and Portugal.



Sandra Moreno
Head of the Cyber Crime against Children and Adolescent Division of the Argentine Federal Police

Argentina, the Elipsia Network and the fight to combat sexual crimes against minors through the network

We interviewed Sandra Moreno, head of the Cyber Crime against Children and Adolescents Division of the Argentine Federal Police, about her own role and that of the coordination network promoted by EL PAcCTO.


(Español) Maras y mujeres en Centroamérica: problemas y soluciones en derecho



8 february - 12 february

Virtual training courses

22 february - 26 february

Preparatory meeting for the creation of a CLCP between Mexico and Guatemala

1 march - 4 march

High-level meeting between EUROJUST and the European Judicial Network with Attorney Generals' Offices