December 2021

2021: the year we returned to Latin America



PAcCTO takes stock of 2021 and presents its action plan for next year

Major results have been achieved, including the meeting of major regional justice entities that gave rise to the “Lisbon Declaration”, the presentation of IDEAL, the strategic threat analysis tool to facilitate CLASI’s decision-making, and support for the creation of the Penitentiary School in Paraguay and collaboration with the Government of Ecuador to respond to the prison emergency. 


Colombia's illegal mining industry hit hard

A Colombian criminal organization dedicated to the commercialization and export of illegal gold has been dismantled, with the involvement of criminal structures such as the ELN and strongholds of the Clan of the Gulf, the gold was distributed in several countries around the world.


Paraguay signs the protocol for the constitution of two Inter-Institutional Technical Committees on penitentiary issues

A protocol was signed for the implementation of an Inter-Institutional Technical Committee (ITC) established to seek alternative means to deprivation of liberty and another to draw up a protocol on penitentiary intelligence. Both Committees are seen as key tools in the fight against organised crime in prisons.


(Español) Cooperación policial internacional frente a las nuevas rutas de la cocaína entre ambas orillas del Atlántico


(Español) Importancia de la coordinación entre fiscales y policías frente a los delitos medioambientales


(Español) EL PAcCTO y la Iniciativa Equipo Europa sobre Gobernanza, Justicia y Seguridad


(Español) El Centro de Cooperación Policial Binacional de Paso Canoas


(Español) Un EME para enfrentar la trata de seres humanos en Bolivia