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What are the views of the networks promoted by EL PAcCTO?

03 January 2022

This line of action consists of uniting different countries and developing, together with them, a work network on a common challenge that becomes an efficient instrument in the fight against organised crime. Some of the networks promoted by EL PAcCTO for joint work between countries are the police networks CibEL@ (on cybercrime), Jaguar (on environmental crimes), ELIPSIA (sexual crimes against minors), UELLA (asset laundering), LYNX (human trafficking crimes), Arco (arms trafficking) or the prison academies network RAP.

All of them work with the triple objective of integrating the work of the different institutions that work on the subject in question, strengthening their capacities and reinforcing the mechanisms for exchanging information between them, thus coordinating their actions.

High satisfaction levels

With the vocation of continuing to improve and innovate regarding methods of working and delivering results, through a survey, the partner institutions that are part of some of the networks have taken stock of what has happened and are seeking new forms of cooperation. Participating in this were members of institutions belonging to the RAP, ELIPSIA, UELLA and the Jaguar network.

In general terms, the level of overall satisfaction in all of them is high. In the case of the RAP, the institutions consider that it is highly relevant to promote regional and bi-regional cooperation and dialogue and the interests of the institutions they represent. At ELIPSIA, UELLA and Jaguar, 100% of the people surveyed consider that the relevance of the network is high or extremely high in the context of the fight against Organised Transnational Crime (OTC).

For their part, in terms of the most outstanding activities, both UELLA, Jaguar and ELIPSIA are committed to training workshops and working meetings for the exchange of good practices and experiences and information. The RAP, in addition, points to the usefulness of holding bilateral meetings and study trips.

Regarding challenges that arise for the future, the desire for greater collaboration between institutions is shared by RAP, ELIPSIA and Jaguar. In addition, ELIPSIA is committed to the further development of international operations and, UELLA and Jaguar have also expressed that they are thinking along the same lines, with UELLA promoting greater support in practical and concluded cases and Jaguar constant operational interaction and advice on crimes.

Tangible results

Regarding the RAP, four out of five people surveyed stated that their institution is implementing the knowledge and skills acquired through their participation in the network (training on ethics and corruption or promoting the creation of a prison intelligence unit). Results similar to those achieved by the UELLA network (joint activities with the country’s Public Prosecutor’s Office or applying lessons from the experiences of other countries).

As for ELIPSIA, several police operations have been carried out thanks to the network (Operation ELIPSIA in 2019, Operation Dark Network in 2021, etc.).