Latin America / Organized crime

The majority of EL PAcCTO Focal Points in Latin America think that their country is better prepared to fight crime thanks to the programme

11 June 2021

EL PAcCTO has carried out an evaluation exercise to garner the opinion of the Focal Points (i.e. contact persons) of the programme’s partner institutions in Latin America. We used online questionnaires which were responded to by 61 representatives from 53 national and regional institutions in Latin America and Europe. The respondents come from 17 Latin American countries and from Spain. Seven delegations of the European Union in Latin America were also surveyed. 55% of those surveyed were men and 45% were women.

The main objective of this survey was to find out their opinion on the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the programme’s strategy and the results obtained. Our ultimate aim was to evaluate ourselves based on the opinion of the programme’s partner institutions.

Positive responses that reinforce the programme’s strategy

The responses were very positive. Most of our partners consider EL PAcCTO’s work to be essential in strengthening the fight against crime. The evaluation also served to reinforce the programme’s current strategy and sharpen our focus on continuing to achieve more results through strengthening all Latin American institutions and through cooperation and coordination with the European Union.

These are some of the most significant results:

  • 77% of Focal Points surveyed think that thanks to EL PAcCTO, their country is better prepared to fight transnational organised crime
  • 83% think that EL PAcCTO’s support effectively contributes to the fight against transnational organised crime in Latin America
  • 87% think that the results of EL PAcCTO will be sustainable and lasting
  • 83% think that EL PAcCTO has contributed to the specialisation and professionalisation of the personnel of institutions in Latin America
  • 86% think that EL PAcCTO has contributed to improving the coordination and internal processes of the institution to which they belong
  • 70% think that EL PAcCTO has contributed to improving inter-institutional coordination between the institution they represent and other institutions in their country
  • 73% think that EL PAcCTO’s support has facilitated the international coordination and cooperation of the institution they represent.