Creación de una secretaria dejusticia en México
Spain / Cooperation between justice systems

Study visit with the aim of creating a Secretariat of Justice in Mexico

24 February 2020
Reunión de la delegación mexicana con el secretario de Estado de Justicia

The EL PAcCTO Programme organised an activity between February 18 and 20 that involved travel by leading figures from the Secretariat of the Interior of the United Mexican States. The visit came after this institution took over the powers held by the Attorney General’s Office before it was transformed into the Prosecutor General’s Office

An organisational transformation of this nature is a substantial change that transcends many of the powers now assumed by the Government Secretariat. In addition, it signals the start of a process of innovation backed by EL PAcCTO.

The Secretary of State for Justice, Pablo Zapatero, and the General Director of International Legal Cooperation and Human Rights, Ana Gallego, received the delegation, which was led by the head of the Justice System Support Unit of Mexico’s Secretariat of the Interior, Paulina Téllez. The purpose of their visit was to learn about the operation and structure of the Secretariat of State for Justice of the Government of Spain and about the territorial and inter-institutional organisation and coordination of Spain’s Justice Administration.

Foto de familia con el secretario de Estado de Justicia

The Mexican participants also visited the headquarters of  COMJIB  in Madrid to learn about how this organisation operates. They were received by its general secretary, Enrique Gil Botero.