New tax unit specialised in cybercrime
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New tax unit specialised in cybercrime

21 January 2021

The Public Ministry of the Nation of Peru has started the year by launching a new tax unit specialised in cybercrime. This is a great step forward because expertise and specialisation are the most efficient ways to fight organised crime. The approach also addresses a complex issue that affects all types of crime.

EL PAcCTO has supported the creation of the unit by appointing experts from the prosecutors in Chile, Spain and Portugal . The latter is the coordinator of the CIBERRED (cyber network) of the AIAMP . The combination of different institutional organisations and the hard work of the experts have made it possible to create a specific model tailored to the national idiosyncrasies of the Republic of Peru.

National support against cybercrime

At the national level, this unit aims to provide specialised services while supporting a nationwide network of cybercrime prosecutors that will allow it to work throughout the territory in a coordinated manner.

Finally, the unit will be the link for international cooperation between AIAMP’s international networks in this field ( REDCOOP and CIBERRED) and the authorities responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime . This agreement applies both in Peru and in other Latin American countries.