Sentar bases para la construcción de una primera versión del IDEAL
Latin America / Cooperación

Laying the foundations for the construction of a first version of IDEAL

09 July 2020

Ten Latin American countries, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay participated in the videoconference to present the Threat Documentation and Assessment Instrument in Latin America (IDEAL), together with experts from the European Union Member States, Europol and Ameripol.The activity, which was organised by EL PAcCTO, aimed to raise awareness regarding good European practice in this area among the Latin American countries and create the conditions for the elaboration of strategies and common public policies based on an objective evaluation of the main criminal threats.

Instrument to allow a joint approach

The countries must generate continuous and multi-stage processes with the same purpose:

  • Constitution of a space for dialogue.
  • Definition of common priorities.
  • Elaboration of (bi)annual strategic plans.
  • Development of public policies.

Likewise, one of the stages must include the establishment of a periodic evaluation process (review and periodic elaboration calendar for IDEAL).

The Europol representative started the meeting by presenting an assessment of the threat posed by serious and organised crime in Europe (SOCTA). The report included an analysis of the present and future threats posed by organised crime in Europe, its evolution and its connection with COSI. Later, the coordinator of EL PAcCTO’s police cooperation component explained how the intelligence, information and strategic analysis service (SIRASCO) works.

The meeting also highlighted the value of cooperation and coordination between all the key actors in the fight against organised crime and the maximum involvement of the Member States to effectively and efficiently implement the plans and objectives.