First REDCOPEN webinar on data systems - EL PAcCTO
Latin America / Penitentiary systems

First REDCOPEN webinar on data systems

16 March 2022

On 9 March, the first REDCOPEN webinar was held with 12 Latin American countries and with experts from Colombia, France, Italy and Interpol specialised in data systems in order, among other things, to elaborate on the internal issues of the network that, from this year on, will meet monthly with the aim of exchanging good practices and knowledge to strengthen the security of prison systems against the infiltration of organised crime, thus increasing the level of cooperation in prison security and intelligence throughout the region.

Currently, data systems are considered an important and necessary work line for a more effective management of prisons, being the basis of any classification system and separate circuit for the isolation of persons deprived of liberty involved in organised crime.

The experience of Europe and Latin America in REDCOPEN

During the activity, Patrick Gómez, technological manager of the Directorate of the French Penitentiary Administration, delved into the methodological and strategic processes for the development of a data system in the penitentiary context, sharing the experience of the GENESIS data system in France and that regarding the logic of the French system: the costs, the deadlines and the personnel that were necessary to launch a project such as GENESIS.

Adriana Cetina Hernández, Head of the Office of Information Systems of the Colombian INPEC (National Penitentiary and Prison Institute), presented the SISIPEC SystemComprehensive Systematisation of the Penitentiary and Prison System of Colombia – used in her country within the situation of prisons. She also presented a representation of the positive Colombian experience in recent years, in which an important process has been implemented that has enabled the effectiveness of the structure to be maintained.

For Interpol, Carlos Barroso Martins, Criminal Intelligence Officer GEPD/OSA/FIS/Directorate Fugitive Investigation Support, addressed the issue of biometric recognition and the collection of fingerprints for the exchange of information, providing very specific details on the correct use of these tools.

Finally, Camillo Sarno, an Italian Prison Police Inspector, discussed in depth the use of data and information for prison intelligence purposes and the data systems that  enable the effective exchange of information between different security forces in Italy.

The REDCOPEN, promoted by EL PAcCTO, enables information and data to be shared in order to combat the infiltration of crime in prisons, facilitating cooperation between penitentiary systems. This network was established in Buenos Aires through a declaration signed by the Ministers of Justice and the Interior from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.