(Español) Ampliación de la REDCOPEN en América Latina
Latin America / Penitentiary systems

Expansion of REDCOPEN after its promising results

20 July 2020

More than 70 people, representatives of the penitentiary systems and the security forces from 11 Latin American countries, took part in the “Definition of mechanisms for the exchange of information for a more effective fight against organised criminal groups at a regional level” webinar.

The results from the REDCOPEN Penitentiary Cooperation Network, initially comprising MERCOSUR countries and partners (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) were presented during the webinar.

Experts from DEPEN Brazil presented the data exchange software BLADES NET, outlining its characteristics, potential and the initial results obtained, leading two other countries, Peru and Ecuador, to show their interest in joining RED. To this end, they will make their application within the framework of the meeting between Mercosur Justice and Security Ministers.

REDCOPEN facilitates cooperation between prison systems

The network was set up in Buenos Aires just over a year ago, and yet the results of the data exchanges between foreigners deprived of liberty have been very positive. This is why, not only do other countries want to join, but also various security forces have expressed an interest in the data collected in the prison systems. Key data for research purposes. The seminar discussed the steps to be taken to ensure that the data collected by PALAS NET can be securely transmitted to the security forces for their appropriate use.

The organisation of a webinar with similar characteristics is planned for the next six months, in order to assess the possibility of extending REDCOPEN to other countries in Central America.