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EL PAcCTO results for the first semester of 2021 are now available

16 November 2021

In line with the work to make the results obtained visible, which the programme has been carrying out since its inception, this results sheet serves to highlight the impact generated by the actions carried out by the programme in the first semester of 2021.

This period, after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, also led to the resumption of face-to-face activities in Latin America and Europe which in turn led to a strengthening of dialogue at the highest level. In May, the programme had a mission in Panama and in June, two activities in Ecuador and Portugal (on the occasion of Portugal’s presidency of the Council of the EU).

This results sheet originates from the monitoring and evaluation of the first semester of EL PAcCTO’s 2021 Annual Action Plan. This, in turn, was developed considering the demand orientation of the different countries , the comprehensive perspective of the criminal chain and the regional approach to the fight against organised crime.

The lessons learnt from the coronavirus were also felt in the actions of EL PAcCTO, which re-adapted objectives and activities and introduced new topics and approaches to address new security dynamics and risks . In this regard, among other notable actions of this semester, were the signing of the Lisbon Declaration, the development of four EMEs (tax crimes in Panama, environmental crimes in Panama, money laundering and related crimes in Ecuador and human trafficking in Bolivia) and the creation of the bi-regional networks LYNX and Cibel@.