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Chile and EL PAcCTO, working together against organised crime

27 August 2021

In the first-ever gathering of all the Chilean institutions that work together with EL PAcCTO, the “Coordination Meeting Against Organised Crime: EL PAcCTO in Chile” offered the opportunity to obtain an overview of the activities and priorities in each of the institutions, as well as all of them all together.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the European Union Delegation in Chile, the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation, the Prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Justicethe Financial Analysis Unit, the Ministry of Interior and the Chilean Supreme Court.

At the meeting, the programme followed up on the joint work and activities carried out since 2017: more than 200 activities in which various topics were addressed, such as criminal analysis, international legal cooperation, alternative measures to imprisonmenthuman traffickingenvironmental crime and crime related to cultural assets.

Continuity of the Coordination Roundtable

Both the institutions and EL PAcCTO also considered the possibilities regarding their work in the future, highlighting the needs and expectations up to 2022. Among other issues, beyond consolidating everything achieved so far, it was proposed to increase Latin American expertise through future activities, and also to link Chilean and Latin American institutions to European ones such as Eurojust or Europol, as well as to networks, meetings, etc.

The representatives of the institutions also highlighted the specific results regarding joint work, underlining the programme’s proximity, fluidity and adaptation to the needs of Chilean institutions.

In addition, and strengthening the joint work that emerged from this first Coordination Roundtable, the representatives of the institutions expressed their interest in establishing this type of meeting as a stable coordinating body. In any event, the forum’s continuity is guaranteed, since the attendees committed to holding another similar meeting in October to prepare for the EL PAcCTO Annual Meeting.