(Español) EL PACcTO ha programado una serie de actividades para profundizar la lucha contra el tráfico de armas y acompañar las iniciativas regionales y birregionales, en particular la evaluación de la amenaza del crimen organizado en Latinoamérica
Mexico / Organized crime

EL PAcCTO will work with Mexico to strengthen the fight against transnational organised crime

19 December 2019

Since its inception in 2017, the European Union EL PAcCTO programme has been working with Mexico to strengthen the institutions involved in the fight against organised crime and promote coordination between Europe and Mexico.

Until now, topics such as cooperation against arms trafficking have been discussed together with the EU EMPACT (European Multidisciplinary Platforms Against Criminal Threats). In 2019, specialised advice was provided that will lead to the development of new mechanisms in this area in 2020.

Other crimes related to organised crime such as the fight against people smuggling and trafficking in human beings have also been addressed. To this end, the Prosecutor’s Office has created a specialised unit for these types of crimes with the support of EL PAcCTO and the country is part of a network of specialised police officers covering Latin America and the European Union.

Mexico is also part of the LA-EU environmental crime police network promoted by EL PAcCTO, the Jaguar network, and, in addition, the country has made efforts in the fight against cybercrime and the identification and location of criminal assets. EL PAcCTO has also supported the consolidation of the National Search Commission and international judicial cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office.

For 2020, Mexico has committed to continue working with the European Union to strengthen cooperation against crime. To this end, EL PAcCTO has programmed a series of activities aimed at deepening the fight against arms trafficking (institutional systems, police specialisation and international cooperation), supporting regional and bi-regional initiatives, especially the assessment of the threat from organised crime in Latin America (IDEAL: Instrument on the Documentation and Study of the Threat in Latin America) and incorporating the country into the Committee on Internal Security (CLASI) that El PAcCTO wants to promote. CLASI is scheduled to meet this year with the EU Internal Security Operational Committee (COSI) in Brussels, the meeting will be attended by the Interior and Security Ministers of the Member States.

In addition, two Multidisciplinary Specialised Teams will be created to combat sex tourism with minors and corruption, support will be provided for the National Search Commission, a Ministry of Justice will be designed and alternative measures to imprisonment implemented along with differentiated prison treatment for criminal groups and comprehensive protection of the environment.

EL PAcCTO works directly with the following Mexican institutions: Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection, Federal Police, National Guard, Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, Council of the Federal Judiciary, Decentralised Administrative Body for Social Prevention and Readaptation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice System Support Unit, Ministry of the Interior, National Search Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit.

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