(Español) EL PAcCTO tendrá un stand virtual en los European Development Days de la Unión Europea
European Union / Environmental crimes

EL PAcCTO to have a virtual stand at the European Union’s European Development Days

28 May 2021
EDD Unión Europea

Biodiversity loss, climate change and environmental degradation are defining challenges for our generation and require more coordinated and incisive international efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the close relationship between people’s health and a healthy planet. The post-COVID recovery represents an opportunity to rebuild greener and more inclusive societies and economies.

The European Green Deal is the EU’s roadmap for a green and inclusive transition that contributes to improving people’s well-being and ensuring a healthy planet for generations to come. The Green Deal goes beyond the borders of the EU and represents a commitment with the EU’s partners to support the global transition. Together we can make a difference. Moving to a green economy and protecting biodiversity is everyone’s business, from individuals to governments around the world.

EL PAcCTO and the fight against organised environmental crime

EL PAcCTO is to be present at the European Development Days with a virtual stand from which it will promote the efforts of the programme in the fight against environmental crime. This is a task that we are undertaking together with our partners in Latin America and which has already generated very positive results.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the territorial expansion of criminal groups has led to an increase in environmental crime. We know that this is urgent area in which to work.

Since 2018, a number of Latin American countries have committed to working with the European Union to strengthen the fight against environmental crime. As a result of this commitment, the Jaguar Network was created with the backing of EL PAcCTO and EUROPOL.

The Jaguar network is made up of police officers specialising in environmental crime who belong to operational services in various countries of Latin America and the European Union.

It is already operational and giving good results. The network highlights how new research techniques and cooperation are essential in order to protect biodiversity and ensure people’s safety.

In the judicial sphere, EL PAcCTO works alongside and supports the AIAMP environmental protection network.

Coordination for an effective fight against environmental crime

Another route to success is the promotion of Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) at an international level and the creation of Specialist Multidisciplinary Teams. A number of Latin American countries have begun to work with these units to coordinate national and international action against environmental crime.

We are committed to addressing and mitigating the risks that international organised crime poses to the environment within the context of the current pandemic and its impact biodiversity and the populations living in affected areas, particularly indigenous communities.