(English) EL PAcCTO strengthens the fight against human trafficking EL PAcCTO strengthens the fight against human trafficking
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EL PAcCTO strengthens the fight against human trafficking

07 May 2021
Redes policiales

The purpose of the LYNX Network is to be a bi-regional space for dialogue and exchange between Latin America and the European Union. It is designed to be an efficient and useful instrument for promoting and supporting actions to combat human trafficking and related predicate offences and underlying crimes, adapting to the realities of both regions. Its vocation is to group together the institutions that have powers over the investigation of this crime, including professionals from the police branch, to promote an innovative methodological and investigative approach and to create a dynamic of interaction and work that benefits all the countries and their institutions.

Aims of the LYNX Network

The objectives will be to facilitate access to information and opportunities to strengthen the prosecution of this crime in a comprehensive manner by Latin America and the European Union and to broaden perspectives in the fight against trafficking crimes by exchanging experiences, ways of working, investigation methods and new criminal modus operandi.  Other primary objectives are the functions of academic and scientific outreach and research, creating temporary ad hoc mechanisms such as Joint Research Teams and/or Specialised Multidisciplinary Teams, organising regular events and promoting homogeneous future improvements to national and international legislation within their scope of action.

In addition, the Network will place special emphasis on the identification, release and protection of victims of human trafficking in any of its forms. Specific exchanges in this regard will take place regularly with the aim of learning from good practices.

The specific dynamics of the LYNX Network are based on its open, comprehensive objectives to form its own identity and share cooperation processes, strategic information activities and special projects that can be managed through it.

In order to continue advancing jointly in both strategic, tactical and operational exchanges, the members of the LYNX Network have scheduled an upcoming meeting to define specific operational and thematic actions.

EL PAcCTO hopes that the LYNX Network can count on the close collaboration of Interpol, Europol and Ameripol.