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EL PAcCTO drafts a model law on international legal cooperation

29 September 2022

In the course of its activities related to international law, the EL PAcCTO programme has developed a model law on international legal cooperation. It is an up-to-date text, which addresses a fundamental need among the legal operators working against organised crime, taking into account the latest techniques in this field such as joint investigation teams. In addition, it will serve as the basis for future state laws.

Why is a model law on international legal cooperation needed?

International legal cooperation has been transformed in recent years. Crime is transnational and new legal measures are required to deal with new criminal techniques. To all this we need to add the complexity of many investigations and the increase in requests for international assistance in criminal matters. In addition, international cooperation has been enriched with new techniques such as joint investigation teams and undercover investigations.

It is desirable to broaden and strengthen domestic laws that make it easier for national authorities to request and participate in assistance efforts involving their counterparts in other nations and to attend to new cooperation techniques in a more fluid, rapid and efficient manner. In short, international legal cooperation in criminal matters needs to be further simplified in order to be effective in fighting crime.

National legislation cannot lag behind this evolution in legal cooperation. This law responds to this need. It is designed so that national operators have sufficient legal weapons to request assistance and prevent impunity for the most serious forms of crime.

Model law on international legal cooperation