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Effective anti-crime coordination models

27 November 2019
Coordinación Interinstitucional

Organised crime is a complex phenomenon. Institutions must work in an articulated way to have a real impact: inter-institutional coordination is needed at national level.

El PAcCTO proposes three working modalities:

  • At a political and strategic level, a national coordination table. A dialogue space that articulates public policies, defines priorities and develops strategies.
  • At a technical and tactical level, the Inter-Institutional Technical Committees that group together high-level specialists to provide answers, resolve conflicts and put forward proposals.
  • At the operational level, Specialised Multidisciplinary Teams of an operational nature for specific crimes. Highly qualified, they deal with more complex and international cases.

With these work proposals, EL PAcCTO hopes to respond in an operational manner to the demands of Latin American countries. Effective models of inter-institutional coordination against organised crime.

Several interested countries have made demands for support for the creation of strategic commissions, technical committees and specialised teams, which have been reflected in the Annual Action Plan for 2020.