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Brazil creates the Penal Services Schools Network

10 January 2022

Inspired by the RAP (the Bi-regional Network of Prison Academies promoted by EL PAcCTO), the National School of Penal Services (ESPEN) has created, also with the support of the EL PAcCTO programme, the Network of Brazilian Penal Services Schools. In this common space, the prison schools of the 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District are called, among other actions, to share good practices, carry out joint work, participate in training activities, develop working groups or establish action priorities regarding the training of qualified personnel.

This network was presented to the public a few weeks ago at an event attended by the director of DEPEN, Tânia Fogaça, the directors representing penal services schools from all Brazilian states, various partners from Brazil’s National School of Penal Services, as well as members of EL PAcCTO.


At the event, the director of DEPEN wished to highlight the fundamental support of EL PAcCTO, which “has been an excellent partner in various joint actions, beyond the area of prison careers, but also in the area of intelligence and control of organised crime”. The signing of the formalisation document of the Network of Brazilian Penal Services Schools is a great advance for the coordinated work that is already being done in some prison areas. This act proved also to be an opportunity to share information between different partners of the Prison Department (DEPEN), among which EL PAcCTO is a strategic partner, as stated by the director of DEPEN.