A catalogue of wild flora and fauna for detecting illegal trade
Panama / Police Cooperation

A catalogue of wild flora and fauna for detecting illegal trade

16 February 2022

The catalogue was prepared under the joint leadership of the Ministry of the Environment of Panama and the  EL PAcCTO  European Programme within the framework of the Specialised Multidisciplinary Team in the fight against environmental crime in Panama (EME Ambiental).

The Panamanian Ministry of the Environment estimates that there are approximately 1,800 species of vulnerable or critically endangered animals and plants in the country. Improving cooperation and information sharing between security, justice and customs organisations is key to preventing the illegal trade of wild fauna and flora in Panama.

Therefore, the production of the Catalogue of commonly trafficked wild fauna and flora in Panama is an important step to assist control, inspection and investigation organisations, such as police and customs, so that they can quickly identify whether the species of fauna and flora passing through ports, airports and border posts are protected or otherwise. Rapid identification may lead to the arrest of suspected traffickers, as well as the recovery and rescue of illegally traded protected species.