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    Young people facing crime: a bet on the future

    The second edition of “La hora de EL PAcCTO” will take place on September 30.

    Under the title “Youth against crime: a bet for the future” we will discuss the role of young people against organized crime.

    The main objectives are:

    To make visible the work of young people who lead the fight against crime (police, prosecutors, prison administrations) with two objectives: (1) that they themselves are the ones to evidence their potential and their active role in Latin American and EU institutions in favor of security and justice and (2) that they can connect with society and can “inspire” other young people of the future.
    Raise awareness of the importance of involving young people in the design of security and justice policies in the countries where they live (they are one of the groups that suffer most from the consequences of organized crime and post-pandemic recovery).
    Involve young people in the debate on EU and LA policies in the fight against organized crime.
    “La hora de EL PAcCTO” is a communication space born to give visibility to priority issues for the EU and Latin America in the field of security, justice and prison systems through protagonists or experts in the field of the two regions.

    The event will be broadcasted through Zoom (16:30 Brussels time) and can be followed on our YouTube channel.