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    Women's protection order in the MERCOSUR framework

    During the 50th anniversary of COMJIB in Barranquilla in February 2022, the states involved raised the need to develop a face-to-face meeting that should precede the official one in May, to allow the approval of the international treaty at the beginning of July, with the end of the Paraguayan six-month presidency. In order to follow up on the work of the Mercosur countries and associated states that have already begun negotiations that are well advanced, an activity has been included in the Annual Action Plan to support, through experts in the field, the country with the pro tempore presidency, in the definition, adoption and implementation of the international protection order for women victims in the Mercosur sphere.

    ➢ The general objectives will be:

    – Facilitate effective instruments of international cooperation.
    – Change new paradigms at the continental level, generating the implementation of instruments based on the principle of recognition and
    instruments based on the principle of mutual recognition.
    – To give better quantitative and qualitative protection to women victims of crime.

    ➢ Specific objective:

    – Conclude the drafting of the framework agreement at the MERCOSUR level.

    The workshop will last two days in Asuncion to finalize the details of the framework agreement and will be attended by a representative of the ministries of justice of the countries involved in the matter, (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) in addition to experts who worked in the elaboration of the analytical work on international protection of women witnesses and/or victims in cases of organized crime in the scope of MERCOSUR and
    associated states.