Webinar: The fight against corruption in public procurement processes - EL PAcCTO
  • Latin America / Covid-19
    Webinar: The fight against corruption in public procurement processes

    Beyond the large corruption cases linked to public procurement that have filled chronicles, such as the famous “Odebrecht” case, there are many other situations in which corruption infiltrates public procurement processes. In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this issue has become even more problematic with the need for several governments to proceed to public purchases of medical equipment in an emergency situation, which in many cases allows for the lightening of the rules and regulatory limitations in contracting processes. In the post-COVID period, it is estimated that the risk of corruption will increase, and through it, the penetration of organized crime within State institutions, justifying very particular attention and the adoption of voluntary measures, in particular in public procurement.

    The general objectives of the webinar are:

    strengthen the capacities of investigators and prosecutors in the fight against corruption
    reduce risks and cases of corruption in public procurement processes

    Police, specialized security forces in the fight against corruption, specialized anti-corruption prosecutors and representatives of the Financial Intelligence Units of several Latin American countries participate.