• Latin America / Organized crime
    Videoconference for the presentation of the Documentation and Threat Assessment Instrument in Latin America (IDEAL)

    EL PAcCTO proposes to create the first study of the reality of crime in Latin America, the Instrument for Documentation and Assessment of Threats in Latin America (IDEAL) based on a model adapted from SOCTA, Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment, carried out by Europol.

    The virtual meeting on day 1 will present this good European practice to the Latin American countries that have been interested in the creation of the Latin American Committee on Internal Security (CLASI) that promotes THE COVENANT. These countries are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay. In addition, two experts from the security forces of the EU Member States with detailed knowledge of the SOCTA process will participate, one representative from Europol and the other from Ameripol.

    Therefore, the specific objectives of this activity are:

    laying the foundations for the construction of a first version of the IDEAL
    Knowledge of the process on which SOCTA is based and its adaptation to IDEAL