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    The functioning of the Joint Research Teams

    The creation of the Joint Research Teams is a need shown in a special way by all Latin American public ministries. In August 2017, the general prosecutors of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Peru signed a document expressing their interest in the creation of joint investigation teams. This interest has continued to be expressed in the lifting of the demand for the program.

    The internal provisions on the subject are very limited in number, and all the countries mentioned agree that it is a fundamental tool for international cooperation and that they do not have extensive experience in the matter.

    Specifically, they have declared the need to identify opportunities to form Joint Research Teams and the formalization of inter-sectoral action protocols.

    The general objectives of this activity are:

    • To improve the regulation of the formation and functioning of Joint Research Teams at the national and international level
    • Facilitate the creation of joint research teams
    • Generate standards in the region for the creation and operation of joint research teams
    • Extend the conventional framework on joint research teams