Technical meeting for the creation of the Latin American Committee for Homeland Security (CLASI) - EL PAcCTO
  • Panama / Cooperación internacional
    Technical meeting for the creation of the Latin American Committee for Homeland Security (CLASI)

    In view of the reality of transnational organized crime in Latin America and the need to articulate strategies and public policies to jointly face the challenge posed by criminal phenomena in the region, EL PAcCTO Program proposes to promote the creation of a Latin American Committee on Internal Security (CLASI) that will benefit, in total autonomy, from the methodology and experience developed in the EU.

    It will only be made up of volunteer countries, at the level of Ministers and senior officials of the Ministries of the Interior/Security/Government/Government/Justice (according to their competencies in each country).

    The objectives of the creation of CLASI are: 

    • The creation of a space for dialogue and high-level coordination to address the problem of transnational organized crime in the region;
    • The identification of common priorities in the area of organized crime;
    • The elaboration of multi-year strategic plans jointly among the participating countries;
    • The establishment of a working process for the progressive development of an Instrument for the Documentation and Evaluation of Threats in Latin America (IDEAL);
    • The political impulse for the strengthening and legal and practical establishment of AMERIPOL as a unique instance for the exchange and cross-referencing of information and police cooperation in Latin America.

    The creation of CLASI is a highly strategic element in the search for a joint and coordinated response of Latin American countries to transnational organized crime. The participation in this Committee and in the activities proposed by EL PAcCTO Program implies a clear political will, expressed at the highest level, as well as the guarantee that the competent Minister will be able to participate in the most strategic activities proposed by EL PAcCTO.