• Europa and latin america / Cooperation between justice systems
    Second meeting of the major regional bodies in the field of justice with European bodies

    The second meeting of major regional entities in the field of justice with European entities is scheduled to be held in Lisbon and Madrid.

    In particular, it is necessary to convene a face-to-face meeting of justice institutions and other institutions working in the field on both continents so that interaction and the search for spaces, themes and procedures for action can be intensified in the future.

    The PAcCTO will work to make this possible, as soon as the circumstances arise, throughout 2021 in its annual planning in this area.

    The program will continue to work on the matters discussed at the first meeting. In particular:

    1. To seek a specialized and homologous training system for the main actors in charge of the fight against organized crime.
    2. Coordination between national institutions in the field of justice at the national level.
    3. Coordination of existing international specialized networks and allow their work to enable the development of international standards and the resolution of complex transnational investigations.
    4. Accompany measures aimed at ensuring the integrity of national institutions.
    5. Improve the electronic exchange of requests for international legal cooperation, both in the normative and technical framework.