Remote counseling: EME human trafficking - EL PAcCTO
  • Bolivia / Trafficking in Human Beings
    Remote counseling: EME human trafficking

    Inter-institutional coordination is a fundamental tool for the fight against organized crime.

    This activity organized by the cooperation between justice systems component and the police cooperation component is a continuation of the work already carried out and forms part of one of the priorities of the EL PAcCTO Program, defined jointly with partner countries in Latin America: strengthening of inter-institutional coordination.

    To resume the work already carried out in the new conditions of confinement, EL PAcCTO proposes that the specialized consulting of the members of the EME be carried out remotely.

    The general objectives of this activity are:

    – Favor the development of inter-institutional work modalities;

    – Create the conditions for an articulated approach to the fight against organized crime and crimes of trafficking in human beings from different institutions;

    – Strengthen the specialization of the actors in charge of fighting the criminal phenomenon of human trafficking, as well as their ability to carry out highly complex cases.