• Latin America / Police Cooperation
    Presentation of the Latin American Transnational Organised Crime Threat Assessment - IDEAL

    EL PAcCTO organizes a hybrid activity in Lisbon to present the evolution of the Latin American Transnational Organised Crime Threat Assessment- IDEAL.

    Taking into account the threats considered as the most important in IDEAL for the seven countries participating in phase 1 (Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico and Panama), it was considered relevant to visit some European agencies based in Lisbon to present the European experience.

    The experience of the threat assessment by Europol and two Member States of the European Union will also be presented.

    During the activity, the participants will be divided into working subgroups with some members in person and others connected remotely in order to discuss the different blocks that make up IDEAL, discuss and strengthen the platform set up for data collection, define new indicators, etc. It is expected to finalize the methodology to be used in each of the programmed blocks, thus ensuring the participation of all countries interested in IDEAL 2.0 (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay) and in the evolution of the tool.