Exchange visit to learn about the SMT experience - EL PAcCTO
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    Exchange visit to learn about the SMT experience

    Delegations from Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay will travel to Lisbon, Madrid and Paris to learn about the development of Specialized Multidisciplinary Teams (SMT). The objective is that they gain knowledge for the subsequent development of an EME in their countries.  The “future” members of the different SMTs will understand their operation, their working methods and their dynamics. The exchange visit aims to respond to this objective by informing them of the models already established in the European Union that work and that have proven their effectiveness.

    The SMTs that these countries are intending to implement have the following content:

    • Bolivia, combating human trafficking;
    • Ecuador, combating money laundering and related crimes;
    • El Salvador, combating corruption and related crimes;
    • Paraguay, combating economic and financial crimes;
    • Peru, combating environmental crimes;
    • Uruguay, combating money laundering.