• Latin America / Police Cooperation
    Establishment of the Network of Police Specialized in Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Human Beings

    The meeting for the creation of the network will be articulated with the Latin American countries present and with the EU Member States, particularly Spain, France and Portugal, in collaboration with Europol, Frontex, Interpol, INTERPOL and Ameripol.

    General objectives of the action as a whole for 2021:

    • Strengthening of law enforcement investigative units and harmonization of police and judicial procedures and techniques among Latin American countries;
    • Support for the development of a coordination and information exchange mechanism between Latin American law enforcement agencies;
    • Establishment of Multidisciplinary Teams Specialized in this area with the support of Ameripol;
    • Development of joint operations between Latin America and EU Member States in collaboration with Ameripol, Interpol, EUROPOL and Frontex.