Webinar for the expansion of REDCOPEN - EL PAcCTO
  • Latin America / Penitentiary systems
    Webinar for the expansion of REDCOPEN

    On May 31, 2019, in Buenos Aires, the Ministers of Justice and of the Interior of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia signed a joint declaration to constitute the Network of Penitentiary Cooperation of MERCOSUR – REDCOPEN during the pro tempore presidency of Argentina. The network has been powered by EL PAcCTO.

    The countries that have joined the network are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay; however, other countries in South America (Colombia and Ecuador) and Central America (Mexico, El Salvador) have expressed interest in participating. In the web seminar “Regional vision of the problem, definition of information exchange mechanisms for a more effective fight against organized criminal groups” on the next 15th, the operation of the network will be presented and forms of data exchange between REDCOPEN will be identified and the security forces so that both sectors, the penitentiary and the police, can quickly access information for the necessary investigations.

    As expected results:

    Strengthening coordination and cooperation on intelligence issues between prison and police.
    New countries join REDCOPEN.
    Representatives of the penitentiary sector and police from 11 Latin American countries will participate. In addition to European experts and a representative of INTERPOL-APOYO a EL PAcCTO.