How does organized crime harm indigenous communities? - EL PAcCTO
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    How does organized crime harm indigenous communities?

    Next April 7 at 16:30h (Brussels) the third edition of “La hora de EL PAcCTO” will take place. In this case, we will focus on indigenous communities and how they are also hit by organized crime.

    The main objectives are:
    – To make visible the existence and uniqueness of these communities, their ancestral customs, as well as the specific needs, both social and security, that they may have.
    – To analyze how indigenous communities are affected by organized crime from a different perspective, taking into account their voices, culture and identity.
    – Reflect on possible institutional responses to address the impact that crime generates in these communities, considering indigenous peoples as essential actors of development.
    – Promote the social participation of indigenous women and their economic empowerment, as well as showcase their contributions to the economic, social and environmental spheres in the region.

    “La hora de EL PAcCTO” is a communication space created to give visibility to priority issues for the EU and Latin America in the field of security, justice and prison systems through leading actors or experts in the field of the two regions.

    The event will take place through Zoom (16:30 Brussels time).