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    Working meeting of the Forfeiture and Confiscation Group

    In 2019, another set of relevant activities were developed. On the one hand, the workshop on money laundering held in Panama dealt with the problems of ownership of assets, a subject that is also related to systems for tracing criminal assets. But in a fundamental way, a regional workshop on the management of criminal assets was held in Ecuador, with the participation of representatives of asset tracing and management entities from Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and Colombia, as well as Portuguese and Spanish institutions, with great media coverage in Ecuador and elsewhere.

    The conclusions and products of both activities constitute a fundamental basis for their high quality.

    Among the conclusions of the latter, the following was raised:

    It is requested from the program the celebration of a regional meeting, dedicated monographically to the location, management, and disposal of assets that seeks some concrete results, among them:

    • The generation of a Network of national organizations for the management and adjudication of assets for the fluid and secure exchange of communications and experiences.
    • The approval of a guide of good practices in this area, considering aspects such as the necessary early disposal, cryptocurrencies and other financial assets, among other matters.
    • The creation of a chek-list, to better channel the disposal of assets.
    • The compilation of data from different agencies, legislation and jurisprudence, in addition to the standardization of the lexicon.
    • The exploration of the possibility of establishing a collection point for relevant documents on the subject, also for the incorporation of legislation and contact data.

    It is considered by the participants that agreements should be sought or generated among the agencies, to promote agreements on the disposal of assets between States, and thus improve best practices for the solution of problems related to the disposal and administration of assets. During the meeting, the first contacts of this innovative initiative were made.

    Moreover, the work of the AIAMP was aimed at determining the basis for cross-border enforcement of assets, with the marked objective of defining a system of asset sharing in cross-border transactions.

    The meeting will be held in person over a period of four days, and will be transmitted online for those representatives who are unable to attend:

    • The prosecutors who are members of the AIAMP’s forfeiture and confiscation working group, from the countries indicated in the heading.
    • A person in charge of the asset management entities of the states indicated in the heading.
    • Two tax experts, with preference given to those who have carried out activities in the first half of 2021 concerning proceeds of crime.
    • Two EU experts, with preference given to those who during 2020 and 2021 carried out work relating to the management of proceeds of crime.
    • The COMJIB.