Assistance on Special Investigative Techniques - EL PAcCTO
  • Honduras / Técnicas Especiales de Investigación
    Assistance on Special Investigative Techniques

    During the week of 6 to 10 December, on-site assistance on complex investigations and special investigative techniques in new data analysis technologies – GSM systems, SIM card, CelleBrite and Analyst Notebook I2 – will be launched in Honduras.

    This session complements the first consultancy provided in 2019 by the same expert from the French Judicial Police who will travel to Honduras in December.

    The general objective is to specialise investigators from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Honduran National Police.

    It should be noted that in November, the Honduran Public Prosecutor’s Office reported the arrest of fifteen people during an anti-drugs operation in which 50 kilos of cocaine were seized. The operation was possible thanks to the training the investigators received in new communications interception techniques. Training led by EL PAcCTO