• Latin America / Cooperation between justice systems
    Meeting between the large regional entities of Latin America on justice matters and European entities.

    EL PAcCTO organizes a telematic activity with the international organizations that operate throughout Latin America in the field of justice will participate, among them are:

    • The Conference of Ministries of Justice of Ibero-America (COMJIB).
    • The Ibero-American Association of Public Ministries.
    • The Ibero-American Judicial Summit.

    The general objectives of the activity will be:

    • Design procedures with recognizable legal guarantees between LA and the EU.
    • Create common work dynamics between states or institutions.

    From Europe, the following institutions will be present:

    • Council of the European Union.
    • European Commissioner for Justice.
    • Directorate General of Justice and Consumers.
    • Presidency of the College of Eurojust.
    • European Network of Justice Councils.
    • Minister of Justice of Spain.