• European Union / Environmental crimes
    EDD: Environmental crimes, a major issue in fighting transnational organised crime in COVID times

    EL PAcCTO will participate in the 14th edition of the European Development Days on the Green Deal for a Sustainable Future.

    The program will participate with a virtual stand and showcase all the work it does in the fight against environmental crime.

    Since 2018, some Latin American countries have committed to work with the European Union to strengthen the fight against environmental crime. As a result of this commitment, the Jaguar network was born driven by EL PAcCTO and with the support of EUROPOL. This network is made up of police officers specialized in environmental crime in several Latin American countries and the European Union.

    At the judicial level, PAcCTO collaborates with and supports the AIAMP environmental protection network.

    Another successful formula is the promotion of joint investigation teams (JITS) at the international level, or the creation of Task Forces – Specialized Multidisciplinary Teams (SMTs). Some Latin American countries have begun to work with these teams.