• Latin America / Penitentiary systems
    Devices of articulation between prison administrations and Ministries of Health in times of emergency

    The emergence of COVID-19 has highlighted the weaknesses and strengths in the relationship between prison systems and health systems in each country and the need for prison systems to be more prepared for the occurrence of viral pandemics which, in an increasingly connected world, can spread extremely easily, especially in prisons.

    Based on this reflection, two Latin American experts, with the support of the EL PAcCTO team, have drawn up guidelines for the formulation of Contingency Plans in penitentiary institutions.

    These guidelines will be presented in the framework of a webinar, together with the good European practices in articulation devices between penitentiary and health administrations to stimulate a reflection on the need to have ready contingency plans for epidemics that clearly foresee protocols for an immediate collaboration between the two institutions.

    The general objective of this activity is:

    • To provide recommendations on how best to deal with COVID19 pandemic situations and other future pandemics in the prison environment.