Annual Programme Meeting - EL PAcCTO
  • Panama / Program annual conference
    Annual Programme Meeting

    Under the title “The finances of organised crime: how they affect us, how to fight them”, EL PAcCTO is holding its annual programme meeting in Panama. It is expected to bring together more than 150 representatives of institutions from Latin America and the European Union to share experiences on research and international cooperation to strengthen the fight against criminal finances.

    Eight workshops over two days will discuss how to identify the final beneficiary, strategies to streamline international cooperation, the importance of coherent regulatory frameworks, the seizure of assets in the digital sphere or the mainstreaming and specialisation of the fight against economic and financial crime.

    Chris Hoornaert, Ambassador of the European Union in Panama, and Jorge de la Caballería, Head of Unit of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships, as well as other Panamanian authorities, will take part in the opening session. In addition, Jorge de la Caballería and Claudia Gintersdorfer, Head of the Americas Division of the European External Action Service, will speak about the Team Europe initiative on Governance, Justice and Security.

    Different meetings have also been scheduled with the EL PAcCTO focal points in Latin America in order to take stock and plan new work activities for the coming year.