What is EL PAcCTO?

EL PAcCTO (Europe Latin America Technical Assistance Programme against Transnational Organized Crime) is an international cooperation programme funded by European Union with 22,41 million euros for a five- years term.



  • A technical assistance programme between the European Union and Latin America.

  • A programme for sharing experiences and good practices between EU and Latin American countries and among Latin American countries.

  • A cooperation programme that seeks to strengthen capacities and facilitate international cooperation.

  • A programme that aims to respond to the most pressing needs of Latin American countries.

  • A programme cross-cutting covering the whole criminal justice system.

EL PAcCTO is not

  • A financial assistance programme, nor does it purchase equipment or finance building projects.

  • A training programme.

  • A programme that replaces cooperation by one or more EU countries.

  • A programme that makes numerous diagnoses and studies in an over-diagnosed region.

  • A programme to raise awareness.